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Stream Advisor


Stream Advisor: Our well-researched testing tool will let you know your key interest areas and your work-personality. If you know what you are made for, Career selection becomes easy! At your level, it helps in stream selection too. Just go for it!

Cost: ₹ 1000 /- only

Career Planner


Career Planner: You may like to try another powerful assessment tool. It can surprise you by telling some hidden aspects of your personality. If you know who you are, planning long term career becomes easy. Try once (for free)!!

Cost: ₹ 1500 /- only

Career Coaching


Career Coaching (Available in Indore city only): Careers should be planned seriously, and ideally, a 40-50 minute session is just not enough. Don’t leave any room for errors and don’t wait till the academic session end. Avoid hurried decision making and start early. Take our ‘exclusive’ career coaching services. It covers every aspect of career planning.Opt now!

Cost: ₹ 9999 /- only

Personal Counseling


Personal Counseling: Lots of queries and doubts? Simply talk to our career experts and counselors who are skilled and equipped to listen to all your problems and give solutions. Book an appointment now! Possible in following modes:

Telephonic counseling (30 mins session):

₹ 300 /- only

Personal Counseling (f2f session of 60 mins) (Only in Indore City):

₹ 1000 /- only

Total Cost: 0

Test Cost: 0

Counseling Session Cost: 0