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Choosing a right career was never easy or simple. It is one of the most crucial decisions in one’s life! We, at Career Ally, are here with right tools to help you out! Our well researched career tests are designed to activate the part in your brain which let you know what kind of work you will love to do, may be whole of your life! Our expert counselors are going to be your Ally in taking this big decision. So, just give the test, and book an appointment with our counselor and get it done, with confidence.


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After signing up you'll be taken directly to the most advanced career assessment made by our career scientists. Choose the test based on the age group.



Let our Algorithm Analyze you

Our Effecient assesment algorithms will start generating your reports by analyzing your answers and matching with out most advanced data sets.



Comprehensive Report

Get the comprehensive report of your key personality type & careers that would suit you.



One-One Counselling

We would love to advise you. So our ‘career counselor’ & you can get together to gain a clearer picture of what we wish to do and what lies in future for us. It will strengthen your confidence even more.



Begin Your Journey

Once you get your career plan, begin your journey. Our assistance can serve your purpose with right solution to your every career questions.



Choose us at any point of career life

Whether you are a 10th class student or a 5 years experienced professional, we can help you irrespective of where you stand now! If you feel any difficulty in making career decision, we are happy to help!

about us

The Ally assists an individual in developing an insight about self. This insight helps reaching out to our true personality. It’s proven that if we get to know our true self, if we know our likes and dislikes and our strengths and flaws… we can take concrete decisions, all by ourselves.

Few decisions, like buying a gadget or a dress to match with the fab, are outward decisions i.e. these decisions are heavily based upon how others will react to it. Most importantly these decisions will not matter in long future. It’s OK to look ugly today because of the wrong selection of the dress or sound stupid to have a jerk(smart)phone. But!..

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To enhance satisfaction of an individual by providing them clear insight about their true nature and personality attributes by developing a framework of crucial decision making ability of the said individual and thereby contributing in making societies happier globally.

Questions Answered


The term ‘Career Testing’ commonly refers to the tests which measure an individual’s personality traits, interest, abilities and aptitude. These tests are based on globally accepted and well-researched Personality theories like Holland Code, Big 5 etc
Our test surely helps you to take wise decisions. But, we strongly recommend that you should discuss your test reports with any career expert or a psychologist, as he/she is the one who understands the reports and terminologies better. Although we have put a lot of hard work in making this reporting system, still we don’t want you to take big decisions just on the basis of reports. Play safe!
Somewhere between 10-15 minutes.
Not more than a family dinner in your favorite restaurant! Refer our pricing section for more details.
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